Personal Assistance

We?ll get on a call with you every month, and discuss any website related difficulties with you. Should there be any concerns or generic feedback, you are able to rely on us, to provide you with a good account of the situation.

You?ll possess a dedicated Client Service Manager, who you can rely on. He/she?ll coordinate with this group of WordPress experts to see yourself on any functionality needed on your website.

Personal Assistance
Stress Free Update

Stress Free Updates

Guess what happens, we obtain it- the strain that comes with every new update. It’s not necessary to see WordPress plugins update horror tales to understand that the poorly tested update could break your whole site!

Our WordPress website maintenance plan guarantees ridding you associated with a WordPress Plugins, theme or WordPress core update headaches. As well as in situation associated with hiccups, you can roll to the most recent stable version or avail premium support.

Security Scans

Using the WordPress website maintenance packages we offer, you?ll always be alerted concerning the tiniest little bit of security concern caught within our regular adware and spyware scan. So when you join us, we?ll bring your website via a preventive ?Security Fix-up? go to fix any conspicuous concerns, simply to be doubly secure.

Security Scans
Timely Backups

Timely Backups

While it’s not necessary to become told how important backups are, we’re still going to let you know. WordPress website backups are simply as essential as copying your contacts or pictures, so you never need to bother about losing anything.

Using the WordPress website maintenance plan we provide, backups really are a task you are able to hand over to all of us. We’ll be mindful maintaining and supply easy accessibility newest copy of the data.

What’s Incorporated within our Maintenance Plans

WordPress Updates

Every time WordPress rolls out an update, we?ll port your site seamlessly towards the new edition of WordPress.

Theme & Plugins Updates

We updated the free and paid WordPress plugins and styles on your website to the most recent version.

Files Backup

We take timely backups of your files, media, plugins, and styles, in the situation of Armageddon, your articles could be retrieved.

Database Backup

We?ll take regular backups of the database, so in the situation, you will find any rollbacks, you?ll possess the new edition of the data.

Database Optimization

Together with taking on backups, we frequently optimize your database, by eliminating any unused data, images, and spam comments.

Malware Scan

In your WordPress website maintenance, we operate a complete adware and spyware scan, identifying security breaches to avoid imminent attacks

Monthly Assistance Call

We’ll exist to help you all the way. A passionate Client Service Manager will be designated for you. He/she’ll get together having a WordPress expert to see yourself on any changes needed on your website.

Up-time Monitoring

Worried your website may be inaccessible for your users, and you will not really are conscious of it? Hosting controls your site’s uptime and can result in overturned. As well as in situation any difficulty creeps up we’ll inform you As soon as possible!

Google Analytics Setup

Stay one step ahead of analyzing your website’s viewers. If you don’t have analytics set up for the website, our WordPress maintenance plan includes establishing fundamental Google analytics with page view reports for you personally.

Mail/Skype Support

In situation you’re facing any issues, you are able to rapidly drop us a mail and we’ll exist to help you. If you are comfortable, we can get a Skype call (Pixxelznet) as well!

Staging Site Creation

Staging sites are an easy way to check any new additions aimed at your website, like a modification of your theme or adding a custom WordPress plugins.

Security Fix-up

We’ll execute a starter security check once you start a maintenance plan. This check will let us identify and connect fundamental security issues.