WordPress forces more than a quarter of world’s websites. With WordPress Trends, one can access uncountable styles and plugins to select from. It’s been around 14 years WordPress is one kind of us like a robust CMS also it keeps growing continuously and surprising WordPress enthusiasts and web-developers using its regular updates.

Each year, we find out about various WordPress techniques and trends that will get introduced for that welfare of economic websites. Even, from past couple of years, you may have observed the growing recognition of PSD to WordPress conversion in the market. With your recognition and demand, WordPress is experiencing the domination all over the digital market.

So, if you’re a WordPress connoisseur and have a track of detail for the similar, you most likely have an observed couple of alterations in the working platform. Aside from individuals couple of, there are lots of new trends which are running over the market and said to be sought after in 2017.

WordPress Trends 2017, Let’s take a look at a few of the unbeatable

1. Single-page Websites

Simplicity is paramount towards the great usability of anything. It is important for web proprietors to create their web layouts as easy as users attract towards it inside a single glance. The single-page website is an advantageous WordPress update or trend for people and firms dealing in one product. Aside from being wonderful in appeal, these websites are effectively favorable to storytelling which will make visitors remain on that specific page for lengthy.

2. Integration of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling originates around for a while and chances are it will maintain trend in approaching time. Single-page websites can engage in this latest trend because it creates an immersive impression on visitors and enhances customer engagement by reduction of the bounce rates effectively. Applying this trend could make your WordPress website attractive in most manners.


3. E-commerce Based Styles

Because of the recognition and success of WordPress, many e-commerce companies are more and more shifting for the WordPress platform. There’s an enormous contribution of numerous flexible WordPress styles that permit designers to integrate numerous features and functionalities according to needs. WooCommerce is one which supplies towards the users an online shopping platform to understand more about a number of products over different destinations.

Wordpress Trends 2017

4. Video Chat Headers

WordPress has a new default theme each year. This season, it’s made an appearance having a default theme namely “Twenty Seventeen” that has the feature of Video Headers. Although within the web market, video headers aren’t a brand new concept, formerly it had been very popular among users as there’s been almost no WordPress theme supporting this selection. This season default theme has additional features which illustrate that later on all of the WordPress websites might have video headers.

Video Chat Headers

5. VR-enhanced Styles

Virtual the truth is a thing that has spread all across the industry. Now, it’s no more limited to gaming but additionally her implications for website design. Nowadays, VR-enhanced styles are gaining immense recognition because of its advanced VR features. Soon, you are going to be surfing those sites according to VR-enhanced styles using VR devices. So, you are able to predict VR like an effective WordPress Trends for 2017.


6. Significant Typography Technique

Formerly, website designers were limited to presenting a little part of fonts towards the websites. However, by using significant typography, web-developers may use dynamic fonts. This effective trend creates stylish typography which immediately picks visitors attention. It’s possible to add these significant fonts for their primary headers and front pages to ensure they are alive. WordPress typography trend is anticipated to carry on because of the crucial website design trend in 2017.

Significant Typography Technique

7. High-rise In Mobile First Websites

At the moment, most people prefer utilizing their cell phones for shopping online, being able to access & browsing a lot of things and keeping in contact with social networking systems. Smartphone usage continues to be more and more touching the heights also it appears that users can easily see an enormous expansion in the number of mobile users. Therefore, WordPress developers or users are required to follow this trend and concentrate on building mobile websites and layouts.

High-rise In Mobile First Websites

8. WordPress Trends to Concentrate On Encrypted & HTTPS Websites

Website security may be the prime concern within this fast-growing market. Because of the adverse results and thievery, Google intensely forces and encourages website proprietors to include additional security measures for their WordPress websites. Consequently, the majority of the web proprietors have guaranteed their websites by converting their websites from HTTP to HTTPS.

Google stated that within the approaching year, it might be mandatory for those websites Hyperlink to begin from HTTPS. It is extremely hard to switch your site from HTTP to HTTPS, but thinking about the safety aspects, this trend looks advantageous.

HTTPS Websites

9. Drastic Development In SaaS Plugins

The word “SaaS” may be traditional for many users, however, in WordPress world, it has developed an application like a service business design. This model provides advanced functionality at reasonable prices. For WordPress users, WordPress trends can be a new approach, but it’s highly required and utilized by a sizable WordPress crowd. For example, OptinMonster enables users to make use of various products on the subscription charge basis which lessens the bar and increases profits when it comes to excellent sales.


10. Elevated Utilization of Microinteractions

Creating micro interactions in all pages is of effective use because these result in the user interested for the page he’s dealing with. Around 2017, this trend will still be famous web development and design realm. These small yet engaging micro interactions abound by means of simple visual feedback and moving animations. Combined with the page design, they offer alluring highlights concerning the content and visitors with that particular page for lengthy.

Increased Use of Microinteractions


By studying the aforementioned WordPress trends, we are able to clearly condition this website designing and development is going to be fine-tuned in approaching time. To conclude, it’s worth mentioning that certain must always stick to the latest and proven trends to create their websites look wonderful.

You shouldn’t try something on one’s recommendation, rather research about this methodology and if you notice good results then carry it out for the layout. In the finish, your goal ought to be to create something innovative which not just provides better consumer experience but additionally helps achieve great business results.

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