With the introduction of Penguin 2.0, most of us have our footing back from the techniques which have been followed so far. Hence, webmasters are extremely keen on exploring new techniques that can help a website a higher rank in the search engine result pages.


Currently, Google is more focused on purging out spam in the first place and encourage user experience through better content. In other words, Google is now paying attention on user experience. Although, link building has taken a little aback in the current scenario, the significance is yet not missing. So, here?s a sneak peek of what?s ahead in SEO strategy in 2013.

  • Content is important, but focus is given on detailing

With Google adding more emphasis on user-experience, focus is shifted to a detailed content. Initially the leading SEO trend was to publish article on your blog or any article directory a couple of times in a week. But, in the present scenario, the significance of bulk content submission is somewhat fading, rather the emphasis is shifted towards detailing. Shorter pieces hardly have significance, instead detailed discourse are gaining value. The approach is little different where in-depth tutorials, high quality videos and images are given maximum importance. The focus is to grab the audience interest on a long term basis.

  • ?Link building becomes critical

After the discovery of Penguin 2.0, Google has extended significant emphasis on thwarting link spammers. This is why, it has made sophisticated tuning of its algorithms and focusing mostly on quality link building. The approach of link building now has become qualitative. The focus is mostly building effective network that can bring potential leads to your site. Building a link has now become increasingly a relationship-building process that also increases the sales.

  • ?Guest posting becomes significant

Guest posting , in recent times offers the most steadfast and low cost way to reach your target audience. Not only it?s an effective method of link building, but also it helps cultivating relationship, which takes you to much larger audience. It?s also a new method of article marketing, but far more effective than the traditional counterpart of bulk article submission. Attention is given to post in the blogs, which are popular in terms of PageRank and Domain authority. Guest blogging induces user-activity with various tools and social shares. It helps you get an engaged audience on a long term basis. Quality content that is in line with the interest of the target audience is the key to success.

  • Going Mobile from all aspects

The importance of having a mobile site cannot be ignored in the present decade. With the invention of various smartphone devices, people are becoming extensively dependent on such devices. People spend more than half of the day staying hooked these devices. So the best way to reach out to them is to have a presence in the virtual world brought by this devices. Having a mobile website encourages potential conversions in the easiest manner. To ensure enhanced user experience, Google?s ranking algorithm has also shifted to create more convincing and meaningful relationships with clients and customers.

In 2013, SEO or search engine optimization is more like a strategic business process and no more a petty tactics to draw target audience.


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