Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing Services

With more than 400 million users (and you never know the number of photos of individuals in blazers), LinkedIn is not just an expansive professional network or a different way to creep on old buddies from senior high school. Because LinkedIn has users with updated, comprehensive profiles, detailed targeting options, and a number of advertising campaign options, your company could seriously take advantage of Advertising on LinkedIn.

A lot of companies find LinkedIn marketing very costly and it also is costly in comparison with other kinds of social media marketing. However, it will make a great deal of impact on your company and purchasers figures when done properly. At Pixxelznet, we make sure that the money that you simply invest LinkedIn ads and marketing is required in a perfect manner.

LinkedIn ads work well from both a Social perspective in addition to a PPC perspective, which makes them a flexible and efficient method of promoting your company.

It?s our responsibility to remain around the pulse, so getting our LinkedIn specialists allotted to you means your company will be the main thing on LinkedIn advertising.

For the Business to business clients, we are able to securely say we view a lot of our Best PPC results originating from LinkedIn.

Because of so many targeting options and campaign structures, the testing options are endless. Our Expert LinkedIn Advertising Team will test, optimize, and test more to have your advertising goals

linkedin ads

Targeting Options Range From the Following

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Job Skills
  • Job Title
  • Seniority Level
  • Company Size
  • Schools Attended
  • Educational Degree Level
  • Fields of Study
  • Age
  • Gender
  • LinkedIn Group Membership
  • Years of Experience

Probably the most effective LinkedIn promotional initiatives combine these niche targeting options by having an appealing content marketing asset and ad message.

Pixxelznet Industry Leadership & Innovation in LinkedIn Advertising

Pixxelznet utilization of LinkedIn Ads was created from search advertising’s lack of ability to effectively convert qualified leads for enterprise-level products. Using buyer personas and persona-focused content marketing demonstrated to become tremendously more efficient at improving the caliber of ad-driven leads and the amount of leads. This realization is vital that you us it had become among the primary reasons we altered our name from Search Pixxelznet.

Additionally, to being certified experts in compensated search advertising, our account management teams are trained extensively in LinkedIn Ads along with other social networking advertising platforms, including Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads. Extensive understanding of those ad platforms enables us to optimize our clients’ online media budgets to do at maximum efficiency, and supplying just one team that’s experienced in most online ad disciplines enables us to rapidly adjust strategy and ad platforms to optimize performance.

Our collective experience has allowed us to understand which content marketing assets are perfect for the LinkedIn platform. We firmly think that LinkedIn promotional initiatives custom-designed for carefully compiled buyer personas, coupled with valuable content marketing assets, would be the perfect marketing bait required to catch qualified leads that may be nurtured lower a particular purchase path.

We Are Able To Help Your LinkedIn Advertising

A current highlight of our LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Reports incorporated pre and post conversion metrics for just one client that considerably reallocated internet marketing budgets from search advertising to LinkedIn Ads content marketing campaigns. In 2015, this client elevated its LinkedIn Ads spend by 308% and considerably reduced Pay Per Click spend. Their year-over-year outcome was:

  • A 170% increase in conversion volume
  • A 124% increase in conversion rate
  • A 46% decrease in cost per conversion

These types of figures aren’t isolated to 1 client and therefore are a typical transformation that people see it’s our clients.

The initial step Marketing Mojo takes when creating a LinkedIn Ads technique for a brand new client is creating detailed buyer personas for every offer to make sure we’re reaching our client’s ideal audiences. Then we create campaigns according to individuals personas and customised ad copy and squeeze pages to make certain the ads messaging is pertinent towards the persona being targeted.

  • Strategic Alignment & Goal Development
  • Goal tracking and Google Analytics audit or setup
  • Research & Targeting Creation
  • Landing page development
  • Constant Optimization & Management
  • Regular Reporting & Client Communication


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