Last decade has been significant for the online shopping world. Many new players have emerged thus more businesses are enlisting and trading on the web. An ecommerce site is an online store where something is sold, often at a lesser price, to the customers. The experience is a discounted, quick and hassle-free purchase, which gets delivered to you.

As for the web development scene there is a phenomenal growth of tools to facilitate this. Magical software platforms to set up your online store as per your requirements in no time are now available. But which ecommerce solution suits your online store is a key thing to understand.

Popular Ecommerce Solutions

There are many cart systems which enable your website to turn into a beautiful online store. They include all the features like design, architecture, payment gateways, speed and security. Most popular ecommerce solutions are Shopify, Magento and OpenCart. To get more clarity about the platform to go with, let us know about the salient features and support systems of each of these solutions and compare accordingly.

Magento vs. Shopify vs. OpenCart

Finding the best from the lot!



Magento is an open source shopping cart solution that developers love. Even most of the project managers give this highly customizable a thumbs up for setting an online business. The open source community behind it is the reason it is so dynamic and diverse in terms of features. This free online shopping solution is like having a magic wand in your hand and with the write development skills, you can achieve almost anything. For those who need less complexity the team has also developed a paid version the Magento EE. So, Magento CE is the free and community edition and Magento EE is the paid and enterprise edition. Magento shopping cart is best suited for large shopping sites, where budget is not a constraint and scalability is required.



Shopify is a paid ecommerce solution. A quick setup and start selling online shopping solution that provides all round features as per your needs. Shopify is capable of setting up an extremely robust online shopping experience, where the customer feels happy. All the security and tons of other features in the app store makes it an exquisite solution. Even the design and SEO aspects are dealt with Shopify. The theme system is customizable as per your needs. If you are looking for less hassles and complications, with lots of add on features, Shopify is your best pick from all. But if you need an open source and tweak-able solution, please give it a miss. Also make sure you check out their pricing and plans before deciding.



So far we discussed two of the biggies in the ecommerce solution. But what if your business is small sized and you want a fast and pocket-friendly solution, OpenCart is a good choice. It is open source and like Magento it is written in PHP. Setting up a store takes minimal cost, time and even less server resources. There can be any number of products and categories. Also the customers feel at home with the multilingual and multiple currency support. Most new players in the online space choose this because of its affordability, clean interface and simplicity.

Thus, the best ecommerce solution depends entirely on your requirements. If you are looking for a big shop with less technical know how, pick Shopify. But if you have developers in your team than pick the free and open source solution Magento. You can get it customized to your needs. Last but not the least if a quick shop that starts selling cupcakes the very next hour, go for OpenCart.



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