Optimization of your website is extremely important because you need to find the best keywords for your brand so that your website gets listed in the top search engine’s results. But sometime, the entire process of keywords researching can really escape out of your hand.  People mostly type keywords in the search box because those keywords are their queries. As an owner of a website, you need to understand what kind of keywords are being typed by people so that you can bring into application some of the best SEO practices for maximum optimization of your website for them and even bring some great improvements in being visible in the top natural search results.

KeywordsWhile conducting your research about keywords, you surely might have encountered the significance of keyword search volume or keyword competition. But for a while, forget these words. The only keywords that are of concern to you when you begin are those keywords your customers are actually punching in the search engines. Some of the effective ways of finding these set of keywords are summarized below:

Make use of the customer research knowledge:
Your business is much more familiar to you rather than third-party that you outsource the job of generating tools for keywords. It is better to start jotting down all those keywords in different combinations which are mostly entered by customers to obtain search results.

Google Analytics is the best source of information: In case Google Analytics is installed on your web space, log in and navigate over Traffic Sources. Here, you will obtain your fundamental search visitors and even obtain a list of all the keywords they searched to enter your website.

Try to leverage maximally Related Searches by Google: You on your own can conduct searches over Google Foe every individual keywords you’ve generated to obtain the results. There, you would also come across those results that are associated with your keywords. If any of these keywords turn out to be relevant for your business, they surely deserve a position on your list of keywords.

Once you compile an initial list of keywords, you can now head over to keyword competition and keyword search volume. Log in the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and select the option Enter or upload keywords to see how they perform and paste your initial list into the box. If necessary, make changes in the targeting options and then hit get search volume button. A rough estimate of the average number of monthly searches according to each keyword will be displayed and even the competitiveness of the keywords would be displayed according to Google.

Competition of searches is really subjective. If you are in that market where competition is of high level, you rather do not have an option but to target those keywords that are really crucial. This does not imply that a low competitive keyword does not have value and you will optimize your site just for it. Do not struggle too much to begin with research on keywords. Just start altering your website with the keywords your users mostly search for.


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