If you have a Facebook page for your business, you might be interested to know how to increase your Facebook conversions. The site is a great social media platform to expedite business growth and establish a brand identity. Facebook has developed tools like Insights for page owners to analyze the audience behavior. But what most people do not know is how to use Google Analytics along with Facebook Insights to gain more from the social audience.

Getting down to the business and learning the science behind increasing your Facebook conversions, here are a few important ways you should adopt.

1. Know Your Highest Audience


The business only thrives when you sell what the customers seek. Knowing what is anticipated, when the user comes to your site to purchase is a plus here. The demographics data comes handy here. This great feature of Google Analytics, tells you about the users that come to your site. This is the first step to learn about the audience. You can clearly see that what age bracket and gender constitute the major part of your audience. The events and goals of conversion can be based on this research. Events are conversions and you need to analyze that carefully. Google Analytics generates proper reports for you to view this and learn about your audience. Knowing this you can focus your FaceBook posts and updates according to the largest segment of your audience, which now you know about.

2. Find Audience Gaps on your Page


Once you are familiar with the highest percentage of website audience, it is time to relate it with your FaceBook fans. Use FaceBook Insights and check in the people?s section. Now you can easily compare the data of your FaceBook fan page with Google Analytics reports. The difference between the percentage of users coming on the website and FaceBook fans is a clear eye opener. This is the best way to find the gaps and know what needs to be done. The use of Insights and Analytics gives you the advantage to fill these gaps and gain more.

3. Understand Audience on your Page


The target group is key for marketing any product. Your FaceBook audience has different kinds of people, which you need to look at beforehand. Spending money on a campaign or energy on an update is worth it only if you understand the audience behavior first. The reports shown by Insights helps you in understanding about the interests of the audience and filter out useful information about them.

4. Create Targeted Content for Targeted Audience


New and fresh content is a way to convert the target audience. The targeted content marketing on your FaceBook page is extremely beneficial. With amazing content ideas aiming at the audience you have the chances of engagement and conversion are higher. A great strategy here is to push your updates when most of the targeted users are online on Facebook.

5. Use FaceBook Ads and Campaign


Advertisement is how the word spreads and reaches your customers fast. You can absolutely reach the target audience all over the social platform with FaceBook ad campaigns. Reaching the audience and promoting your posts is easier with FaceBook?s targeted advertising. The increased visibility is a direct way to increase conversions. Make sure you use the Ads create tool and select the targeted audience when you launch your campaign.

It is not at all difficult to increase the conversions. Once you adopt these ways and focus on the highest audience, your problem is solved. The role of FaceBook Insights and Google Analytics can not be stressed more. The FaceBook business page owners can reap huge benefits from this analysis and approach.

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