In the past, today symbolic of the social internet marketing age was created: the hashtag. Small character, which began existence becoming an organizational tool, has become the component of common parlance in the past decade.

The idea to make use of the # to organize tweets and groups on Twitter was recommended on August 23, 2007, by former Google and Uber designer Chris Messina. The 1,186th user on Twitter, Messina published information asking fellow users that which you thought of using the hashtag to collate people and messages.

In those days, the 140-character network has existed for more than a year coupled with large figures of users.


In front of the formal introduction within the hashtag to have an organization tool in September 2007, the social media had arrived at numerous milestones that will shape its use for the decade. It?d introduced @mentions and @replies, launched a mobile version, and defined Twitter associates as supporters.

Here are seven details you didn?t know of the hashtag.

First hashtag

The very first hashtag for use on Twitter was Messina?s sample #barcamp. Barcamp is really a loosely structured network of folks that run user-generated conferences about technology and also the internet. The very first Barcamp occurred in 2015 in California. The biggest ever one is at 2013 in Myanmar, which in fact had 6,400 attendees.

Within the newbie following the invention from the hashtag icon, the most famous were #noticias, the Spanish term for news.


Most widely used hashtag ever

Setting an eye on being tweeted 1 billion occasions, #NowPlaying (or #np) is easily the most shared hashtag ever.

Typically the most popular regularly occurring hashtag tradition is #FF, which means #FollowFriday and has been utilized over fifty percent a billion occasions since it was initially tweeted in The month of January 2009.

The most famous hashtag on Twitter in 2016 was #Rio2016, carefully adopted by #Election2016 and #PokemonGo.

The Number of hashtags is utilized each day

Around 125 million hashtags are shared by Twitter?s 328 million users every single day. The most popular icon has since been selected up by other social systems, including Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Most infuriating hashtag

An infuriating craze that taken the planet in 2015 grew to become a game title, internet meme, and hashtag. #TheDress plagued Twitter users for days because they attempted to determine when the dress was indeed white-colored and gold or blue and black.

Longest ever hashtag

The Guinness World Record for that longest ever hashtag was awarded in 2013 to Paul Horner, author of Super Official News. The dizzying hashtag was 345 figures lengthy, excluding the #, and told a rude story about Horner?s existence.

Hashtag is formally a phrase within the dictionary

The word hashtag was put into the Merriam Webster dictionary in 2014. The meaning stated: ?A thing or phrase preceded through the symbol # that classifies or categorizes the associated text (like a tweet).?

Hashtag emoji

Twitter is celebrating the birth from the cultural symbol with a brand new emoji.


Year of founding for Social Media Companies

Year of founding for social media companies

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