images (35)Business operations include variety of activities that can be done to find customers, absorb them, and keep them delighted to enjoy their loyalty. In business, there are so many things to do and if you begin with a small step, you are sure to find something much vast. There are so many tools you can use in business to look for prospects and leads. Out of the available tools, you should be specific about your target audiences and also about your business requirements and accordingly, choose your tools to generate leads. Here are some alternatives you can use and hopefully, with the usage of these tools, you find your leads:

Use SlideShare:

The world’s largest platform and community for sharing content is SlideShare. It also ranks somewhere amongst the top 200 websites on the web. It is a great platform to uploas and share e-books, presentations, PDFs, and much more informative stuff. This site gets millions of views on a monthly basis. The website also allows the viewers to approach the business to obtain some additional information via a presentation. But to avail the service of lead capture, you need opt for Pro SlideShare membership which comes at a price. Of course, you’ve invested so far, then why not in this? You too can take advantage of this by sharing information about your business’ offerings and create awareness on such a social platform. You might find your leads and prospects here.

Product Videos:

To boost your sales, produce informational videos. Try to keep the videos on products short but persuasive and try to embed a function which calls to action after viewing the video. Make sure your video should be a call a spade a spade.

Signatures used in Emails

Try to include a brief text at the end of your email which provides contact details in case you are sending bulk emails to countless customers. The probability is more that the customers might want to get back to you. Also you could include an e-catalogue or an e-book or some informational downloads then it would help you nurture your relationship.

images (36) Answer the questions asked on LinkedIn

Keep a track of your LinkedIn account so that you get to know that your prospects are asking your certain questions related to your business offerings. Also make sure that your revert them with appropriate and informational answers

Turn off the unattractive error pages on your site

Your site might redirect users to 404 not found page which is quite irritating for a person especially when he is desperately in need of some relevant information. Such useless pages might turn down your prospects and thus, you might lose them forever.

Use Pinterest

This is the newest tool which leads to generation of heavy traffic on your website. You can pin your interests on this site to generate leads. While pinning your offerings, make use of attractive photos, videos, infographichs, and articles also.


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