Ready for a walk down memory lane? The SEO Ranking Factors studies by well-known SEO Rand Fishkin started in 2005, and he and his cluster are churning out perceptive insights each 2 years ever since.

If you?re taking a glance at however the findings have modified throughout the eight years that the studies have revealed, some fascinating trends emerge. And, if you?re fighting justifying SEO investments with the C-suite or investors, a historical perspective can be simply what you wish.

Quick Background
Don?t get American state wrong: only 1 year?s study is full of mountains of knowledge. trying to summarize 5 studies may be a discouraging enterprise, therefore this comparison is by no means that comprehensive ? take into account it a ?highlight of highlights.?

Each study was comprised of leading SEO consultants grading the impact of a good vary of SEO factors. the precise factors studied were revised and improved each 2 years, therefore there?s no true direct study-to-study comparison. I centered my time here on this survey knowledge, not the correlation knowledge additional in 2011 and 2013.

There area unit a handful of risks in writing a post obsessing regarding Moz?s work. First, i would seem like a helpless Moz tike. I assure you that?s not the case, and that i am well rounded in my SEO reading habits. Second, it would seem like Rand paid American state for this. Ha! however he?s still welcome to send compensation, you know, simply just in case.