Be it a small business or large business all are prone to ups and downs from starting of the business to growing and successfully running it.?There are many reviews which are published on social media sites commenting on the capability of a business, its credentials, its product or services reviews which to a larger extent affect overall profitability of the business as social media is a great platform both for negative and positive advertisement.

images (5)The points raised by industry experts is how small businesses with a low turnover and limited resources should respond to negative reviews on social media sites??It?s a nightmare for the person running a business with negative social media reviews ; specifically those that are potentially malicious. Negative reviews tend to change the scenario for not only small businesses but for entrepreneurs?who as a business owner put their heart and soul to pursue their long lasting dream and passion. Its easy to act first for surrounded negativity but its proven as one falls for regrets at later stage. One should always lay emphasis on growing and making its business stronger then commenting or targeting the competitor as it is the role of tongue which may even in negatives advertise your competitors business with profitable figures. Before you get to understand the formulated strategy drafted for criticism the first step should be to verify whether the comment posted is true or not. Investigation of the truth is as important as taking an action in the right direction as believing on hearsay can cost you in long run. Reviews may be true or may be a rumor spread just to bring down the name of the business.

Figuring out the basis of the comment should be followed by taking the appropriate action. The statement posted could be an intention of the competitor which could be factually incorrect and in that case one has the right to question and ask the post or review to be removed or retracted in a positive way. ?It seems simple asking a person who intentionally negatively published your business but in business reality it will be as difficult as asking a person to give a share of profits without actually investing in the venture.?Only successful tip to get a person to retract the negatives about your business is to append your statement with clear and transparent evidence concluding the incorrectness of the comment. If an entrepreneur fails to collect the relevant evidence then one should consider?of correcting the same by reverting in the comments section in an effective and proficient way. Reverting with conclusive facts in a total professional manner is the right way to prove yours and business credibility.?Many a times it happens while entrepreneurs are busy concentrating only on strategic ways to promote business they get veiled to the reality of their products and services in the market and about it reviews which are sometimes or most of the times negative but true.

images (6)If a business face factual yet negative comments then its business responsibility to present the inside story in an honest and presentable by not letting customers to lose their interest in you. The best way to fix up the fiasco is to explain your story side in a rational and non-hostile way with a future action plan of how you plan to solve the grievances of customers and develop an updated product/service. Business is prone to negatives and one can sense the occurrence of protracted back-and-forth, in that case taking the conversation offline is the best suggested way. Complaint related Emails, phone calls addressed personally a senior level staff member should be the best strategy for repeat business. There is one tactic which all small business should avoid is creating new fake accounts or building non required personas to defend the negative or to support your position on social media as one is likely to get caught.

Prevention is better than cure isn?t restricted to health but in online marketing too. This kind of situation can be substantially mitigated by ensuring that you are tuned to social media all times and not only when there?s an emergency. Cultivate your business by asking your fans to share views about your products or services and don?t be hesitant in asking recommendation as customers are smart enough to roll out one negative review in a sea full of positive views.

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