Social networking sites are known for their invaluable contribution to marketing and increasing a customer base. Among the most popular social networking sites, Instagram has captured the market with its immense features and services.

Instagram is known among many people for providing the best available brand promotion in an innovative way. Customers and followers can easily get connected to you and know you in a different manner, which can definitely promote your growth in the right direction.

If you are currently surveying the market, you will surely be wondering why your competitors have chosen Instagram. Look at the below reasons to find out more about choosing Instagram.


  1. Feedback collection: If it’s a new product being launched, the best way of getting instant feedback is on Instagram. This is basically one of the biggest reasons for different businesses to connect through Instagram. Followers and customers will instantly give the much needed feedback, which will help the businesses to understand their need.
  1. Checking competition: Another reason, why your competitors might have started to use Instagram is to check competition in the market. If couple of businesses has the same products and services, then they will check the competitors’ activity on Instagram. They will check details like marketing strategies and engagement with the fans. Actually this helps entrepreneurs to create their own winning game.
  1. Storytelling: Instagram has actually emerged as a place of storytelling by many brands and customers. Businesses now a day have started to furnish stories about their products and services, which have created different brand equity for them. For example a beauty salon will post tips and tricks of beauty, which can undoubtedly ensure their popularity in the market.
  1. Fan engagement: Engaging your fans and followers is the biggest advantage Instagram has provided different businesses. You will also find that your competitors have posted their annual day pictures and similar stuff on Instagram. This is actually the best way to interact with the customers and fans. Businesses recently have started to use their own hashtags inviting fans and customers to join in. Many brands have also started to upload interactive slideshows and videos for engaging their fans.
  1. Advantage of activity: Instagram has an immense fan following and members spend approximately an average of 3 hours on this application on monthly basis. Knowing this fact, your competitors will want to take advantage of the feed time spend by users in this site. This eventually increases the eye catching time of paid advertisers and brand accounts.
  1. Engaging users: One of the best marketing tricks is to get the customers do your work. You will find businesses and entrepreneurs running different types of contests on Instagram to get their work done. For example if the business is launching new toothpaste in the market, it might be looking for a new tag line. It can run a tag line contest and announce winners with a cash prize. Apart from this many photo contest are also being run by businesses, wherein the customers can tag the brand with a pre-notified hashtag. These contests receive huge response as customers get to participate in the working of the brand.

There is no business or brand in this world who can survive without publicity. Tapping the right customer base at the right time is definitely the name of the game. If you are not on Instagram, then be a member now to advertise, reinvent and renovate your brand equity with the help of your followers.

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