Google Plus Network

Google Plus Network take 5 Effective Ways to Increase Engagement

In this modern era, where people are busy with their daily schedules and have no time to meet different people, social sites are helping them to be in touch with their dear ones and the society. Number of social sites have opened now a days but Google + is more advanced and safe. In this site one can upload the photos, share his/her views and expand the network. Basically, we can say that Google + help the people to improve their network. One can find different people and can interact with them.

Online Video Marketing is Key Factor in 2014

With the beginning of the year, everybody has been sharing their prime trends of 2014 for selling, social media, business, sales, PR… The list is endless!

One issue that has been consistent in these lists is that the importance in video selling in 2014. We’ve seen an increase of on-demand and extraordinary (OTT) tv in 2013, and additional and additional viewers ar victimization iPads, mobile devices and their laptops to look at their favorite shows. so as for brands to contend, video-marketing ways should be enclosed in your 2014 selling combine.

We know that customers ar intense video content quickly and sharply – binge looking at full seasons of shows on Netflix, viewing cat videos on YouTube, or sharing fast videos on vascular plant, Instagram and Snapchat. however ar marketers breaking through reaching this audience? Video selling.

10 Great Tools to Grow Your Blog’s Presence on Pinterest

According to latest Pew research, Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter for the U.S. adult social media users, coming third only after Facebook and LinkedIn. The social site has 70 million pinners, and over 70% of them are from the U.S. They are far more active than international users too. Check our Pinterest guide for bloggers if you are still new to the network.
How users interact on Pinterest infographic from SocialFresh

As pinning is becoming more and more popular, tons of tools and plugins are developed to help manage, measure and enhance the Pinterest experience. Following are ten you certainly should consider if you are promoting your blog on this social site.