According to latest Pew research, Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter for the U.S. adult social media users, coming third only after Facebook and LinkedIn. The social site has 70 million pinners, and over 70% of them are from the U.S. They are far more active than international users too. Check our Pinterest guide for bloggers if you are still new to the network.



How users interact on Pinterest infographic from SocialFresh

As pinning is becoming more and more popular, tons of tools and plugins are developed to help manage, measure and enhance the Pinterest experience. Following are ten you certainly should consider if you are promoting your blog on this social site.


Pinterest will tell you when someone repins your pins, but how about the people who pin content directly from your blog? You?ll get that information from PinAlerts. With this great tool you can track the content pinned from other blogs too, if you wish to keep an eye on your competitors for example.


The tool is very simple and handy. You just need to enter the URLs and set how often you want the alerts to be emailed to you ? as pins happen, once a day, or once a week. Daily is probably the best, as there are not too many to review, and not much time has passed since the pinning has happened. You can quickly respond and say thanks to your pinners, check their boards, invite them to follow yours.

The alerts tell you the name of the person who pinned your blog post, the pin?s link, the board it was pinned to, the time and description. Make sure to follow pinners who help promote your content on the social site, connect with them and build a community around your niche.

Pin Search

Pin Search is an amazing extension Chrome and Pinterest users will love. It allows you to Google search any image you see on Pinterest for information on the image, where it appears, its creator, similar images, etc.


Once you install the extension an additional ?Search? button will appear in the top right corner when you hover over a Pinterest photo. Click it, and you?ll be directed to the search results page on Google for that specific photo. This is a great discovery tool for bloggers.


Quote pin made with Pinstamatic.


These days it?s not enough to only have great photos on your boards to get followers attention. With Pinstamatic you can make your Pinterest boards really stand out. For example, you can make pinnable snapshots of your favorite blogs and websites, create quote images and fun sticky notes to share on your boards, include captions to your favorite photos, post music your followers can play directly from your board, or add maps that take users to a specific location link on Google Maps. Just select the type of image you think best fits the message you want to send to your Pinterest following, enter the relevant details, preview how everything looks, and if satisfied, click to pin it. Check their showcase for a little bit of inspiration.

ViralTag (formerly Pingraphy)

When it comes to social media time-saving apps like ViralTag are absolute necessity. This is a scheduling tool that allows bloggers to schedule their pins to be posted on specific boards, at specific times, and then monitor the results.


You can also edit and enhance your images, crop them, add effects and text like the title of the post you share. Just click the ViralTag bookmarklet, select the best image from the site you are on, make the desired modifications (optional), and pin it or schedule it for later, with all ? the description, URL, and the photo.


Curalate is a tool that helps you better ?understand the images that engage audiences so that you can give your fans more of what they want?.


It provides you with in-depth analytics of the performance of your pinned images, including competitive analysis for both Pinterest and Instagram. You can much better manage your blog?s presence on the social site once you have such valuable data on all the conversations and active advocates happening around your boards.

Pinterest Web Analytics

There is a basic analytics tool provided by Pinterest for their business profile users.?It helps you track your activity on Pinterest, the number of people who pin from your blog, lets you find out what they like, share, and interact with the most, so you can tailor your content to meet their needs. Check the Pinterest Analytics page for more details as well as to get started.
Tailwind (ex Pinreach)


For more advanced analytics you will need the Tailwind app. Its features include monitoring mentions, followers, boards, pin stats, analyzing audience engagement, top repinners and trending content to gain better insights and optimize your Pinterest campaigns based on what you know is working. For all bloggers who see Pinterest as one of their primary networks Tailwind is a very useful tool that helps them assess and improve the performance of their boards and pin pages.

Postris (ex Repinly)

Postris is an amazing tool for bloggers who actively use Pinterest. It?s very easy to use and lets you stay on top of what?s hot and trending on the social site.


The tool lists the top pinners and the most popular pins and boards, and you can also browse new accounts to follow by their categories. Postris is great for boosting engagement and followers on Pinterest, and you can also use it when you need inspiration to create content for your blog?s page.

jQuery Pin It Button For Images

Even if you are not active on Pinterest, you still want to encourage your blog readers to share your images themselves.


This of course means you should create good pinnable images, but you should also make it easier for the visitors to pin your content using the jQuery Pin it button for WordPress bloggers. The tool allows readers to pin straight from your page to one of their Pinterest boards.


We mentioned WiseStamp when we talked about adding links to your most recent posts in your email signature as a way to drive more traffic to your blog.


So why not include a ?Follow Me On Pinterest? button too? It will encourage the people with whom you communicate every day to actually become your followers. And just think how many emails you send each day?

Please let us know in the comments what is your experience with Pinterest or these tools? Is there something else you want to add too?


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